2020, ice, 450x300x20 > 0 cm

L’Attesa: an installation made up entirely of ice, presented for the first time and designed for the space in which it was hosted. With this work. Sensitive issues transporting the viewer into an experience of real climate change. The message is clearer than ever: it is happening in front of us, with no filters, solemn and fragile, lying there on the ground in the centre of space. L’Attesa is a tribute to the cold, to the phenomena related to it, it is the witness of the fundamental importance of snow and ice for our planet, while they are rapidly disappearing. The work emerges on the surface of the space with an inexorably temporary shape, covering only 20% of the floor, tracing a sadly real data: the measure of what remains of our Alpine glaciers since we have been monitoring them.

The image that opens this sequence documents the moment just after the ice blocks were placed on the floor, I decided to exhibit this photograph in the space the day after the opening in memory of what has been and will not be never again. The same photograph has become a multiple in numbered edition and signed by the artist.

L’installazione presenta uno strato di ghiaccio che copre il 20% della superficie, la stessa percentuale che rimane dei ghiacciai sulle nostre Alpi.
Il visitatore entrando nello spazio si trova in una condizione di attesa. Troppo incerta infatti è la sorte del ghiaccio, se tornare vittoriosamente a rivestire tutto il suolo, o recedere definitivamente e fondersi.
È questo, del resto, il senso di molte attese: l’ambiguità dei guadagni e delle perdite, la riluttanza a precisare l’evento che si desidera (o si teme). Quando l’attesa diventa un valore in sé.
Un’unica foto rimane a testimoniare l’opera.

About 2000 liters of water were solidified, divided into 54 blocks for a total weight of about 2000 kg
The ice was placed on the floor on 25 September 2020 at 4 pm
 In the following days, during melting, the space temperature was between 10° and 18°
The last residue of frozen water was documented on 01 October 2020 at 12:30 pm